Water wastage has to be stopped

Did you know that plans have begun to remove bathtub facilities from five star hotels across the world? The biggest reason for this is said to be the exercise being done to waste water. Such decisions are being taken due to awareness about water conservation. In a bathtub, 370 liters of water is wasted in a person’s bath. Whereas in a shower bath, only a person can take a bath in 70 liters of water.

Waste of space
Five star hotels are also considering removing the bathtub because the bathtub takes up a lot of space in the bathroom. By eliminating this facility, the bathroom will become very open-ended and more space. Also, removing the bathtub will make the bathroom more modern according to the global trend. Bathtub in hi-tech bathroom also creates a bit of trouble.

Facility to be available on demand
Shower baths have now become a trend in big hotels like Novetel in Bangalore, Taj and Vivanta in Mumbai. People all over the world have become aware of water conservation and want modern facilities in hotels. This is the reason why guests coming to hotels are preferring shower baths instead of bathtubs. Seeing this trend, hotels are considering removing bathtubs. However, in these five-star hotels, this facility will continue to be provided on the demand of the guests.